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Critical Illness & Accident Insurance

Summary of Benefits & Costs

Benefits are made available to full time, actively working Members of the BLET.

For quick and easy enrollment, call (224) 770−5307 (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm CT).

Accident Coverage Benefits

  • Guaranteed approved during open enrollment—you cannot be denied coverage!
  • Coverage available to member, spouse and/or child(ren)
  • Fast, lump sum benefits paid when an accident occurs
  • No limit on number of claims that can be filed
  • $50,000 of AD&D Coverage
  • Premium never changes—you can take coverage with you after you retire
  • Wellness Benefit – $50 per covered person*
    (*COVID-19 vaccine qualifies for a $50 wellness benefit)

Covered Injuries Include: Fractures, Burns, Concussion, Dislocation, Torn Ligament, Lacerations, and others.
Covered Services Include: Ambulance, ER visit, X-ray, MRI, Surgery, Anesthesia, Wheelchairs, Crutches, Casts, and others.

Options & Rates
Coverage Monthly Premium
Members/Officers $16.77
Members/Officers & Spouse $25.23
Members/Officers & Child $29.36
Family $37.82

How Does it Work?

Amount payable was generated based on benefit amounts for: Closed-Fracture of the Thigh ($3,000), Ambulance to Hospital ($200), Emergency Room Admission ($200), X-Ray ($30), Medical Devices (crutches) ($100), and Physician Follow-Up ($50).

Critical Illness Coverage Benefits

$10,000 increments up to $40,000

* A new COVID-19 Rider has been added to the BLET Critical Illness Plan. This cash benefit is paid directly to you in the event a physician were to confine you to an intensive care unit (ICU) for 5 days or longer after receiving a COVID-19 diagnosis.

    Coverage Benefits:

    • Guaranteed approved during open enrollment—no medical questions asked!
    • Fast, lump sum benefits paid directly to individual
    • Premium never changes—you can take coverage with you after you retire
    • Wellness Benefit ($100 per covered person each year)
      (*COVID-19 vaccine qualifies for a $100 wellness benefit)
    • Child(ren) automatically covered at 50% of member election (no additional cost)

    Critical Health Event:

    • Covered Conditions: Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Major Organ Transplant, End-Stage Kidney Disease, Coronary Artery Bypass Graft, Benign Brain Tumor, Coma, Paralysis, ALS, Severe Burns and more.

    Monthly Rates

    Member & Spouse Coverage*
    Age $10,000 $20,000 $30,000 $40,000
    <30 $5.72 $9.72 $13.72 $17.72
    30-39 $8.62 $15.52 $22.42 $29.32
    40-49 $15.62 $29.52 $43.42 $57.32
    50-59 $29.42 $57.12 $84.82 $112.52
    60-69 $54.42 $107.12 $159.82 $212.52

    *Premiums listed above are for Member and Spouse individually (not combined). Spouse Coverage cannot exceed 100% of Member election.

    **Each dependent child is covered at 50% of the Member’s election at no additional cost. Child(ren) must be under age 26.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: In order to be eligible for benefits you must be an active member or officer of the BLET or retired from the BLET at the time of your Accident or Critical Illness. Please note that coverage is for BLET members, officers and employees only. If you leave the union for any reason other than retirement, you are no longer eligible for coverage and it is your responsibility to contact our office immediately at (847) 387−3555. The plan has limitations and exclusions that may affect benefits payable. This brochure is for illustrative purposes only. Refer to your certificate for complete details, definitions, limitations, and exclusions.

    The BLET does not may any endorsement or recommendations regarding these benefits. It is solely the members decision to enroll. This program is completely voluntary, and benefits can be elected on an a la carte basis.

    More Information


    At any given point, the unexpected can happen–a family member gets diagnosed with cancer, you get hospitalized after testing positive for COVID-19 or your child dislocates their shoulder while riding their bicycle.

    As a way to help alleviate some of the financial burden, BLET members now have a way to receive lump-sum payments to help cover some of the expenses that come as a result of these tragic, unexpected events.


    Medical costs arising from an accident can place a heavy burden on a family. More ofen than not, individuals end up depleting their savings or maxing out their credit cards just to pay for these medical expenses. Doing so simply adds more stress on a member and their family. Enrolling in an Accident Plan is the best way to alleviate some of that financial burden. Members are able to receive fast, lump-sum payments for a wide list of covered expenses.


    According to International Agency for Research on Cancer, there were 9.5 million cancer-related deaths worldwide. This number continues to be on the rise. No family should ever have to deal with the financial burden that comes as a result of having to deal with something as burdensome as cancer. The Critical Illness plan allows members to use the lump-sum payment however they want (paying a deductible, co-pay, travel or even child care).


    Once the itemized bill is received for the covered expense(s), enrolled BLET members call Cornerstone to file a claim. Once the claim is filed and approved, members will receive a lump-sum payment. Yes, it’s that simple!

    Our active members are guaranteed approved; there are no medical tests, questions or underwriting to enroll!

    Participant and Claimant Responsibilities

    It is your responsibility to notify Cornerstone Benefits Management if your employment, union status, contact information, or salary changes. Failure to properly notify Cornerstone will result in loss of premiums and/or insurance coverage. Notification to Cornerstone must be made by phone at (224) 770−5307 and/or by email at info@unioninsurance.com.

    As an individual member of the union, if you have voluntarily elected to participate and pay premium for coverage, it is your responsibility to understand the group policy and its provisions.

    Premium Payments, Calculations and Adjustments
    Loss of Premiums Notice

    If you do not contact our office within 90 days of your date of dismissal, date of retirement, date in which you left the BLET, there will be no refund for any premiums paid. It is the sole responsibility of the member to contact Cornerstone Benefits Management at (224) 770−5307 or by email at info@unioninsurance.com within the 90 day allotted time.

    Failure to Make a Payment

    Participating members for whatever reason may miss a premium payment from time to time. The current plan allows for a 60 day grace period to make up any missed premium payments.

    Administrative & Transaction Costs

    All administrative and transaction fees (fees) are included in your monthly premium. These fees cover the costs associated with, but not limited to, premium processing, premium returns, postage, policy correspondence, claims advocacy and other ancillary expenses associated with the administration of your elections. These monthly fees are applied to all coverages shown on the Summary of Benefits & Rates.

    Included when premium is collected: Payment Transaction Fee 1.00 per transaction.